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The Varga Princess. Daddy’s little girl. Being the only daughter of a motorcycle club’s president means I’m untouchable. Add an older brother to that equation, and now you’ve got an impenetrable vault. No one can get to me. The Varga name has given me armor along with an invincibility complex. Until it’s all shattered. I’m faced with an impossible situation, and no matter how it ends, there will be casualties. I’ve been dodging threats my whole life, but what no one prepared me for was the threat of my own family. Betrayal burns deep when it comes from inside the safety of your own home. Too many lines have been crossed, and forgiveness isn’t an option. It’s an all-out war, and I’m on the front lines. I am the Dragon Slayer.

The stolen Varga. A defiled princess. Those flames had hit the sky like the wrath of a dragon. They all stood there in shock, finally seeing me for what I truly am, A force to be reckoned with. The Dragon Slayer. The hatred in my brother’s eyes burned just as bright as the flames, but he had to have known he couldn’t get rid of me that easily. I plan to rip open his skin, exposing his insides to my torture. I won’t rest until he’s nothing more than a faded memory. He took away the only family I had left, And now I vow to destroy the only one he’s ever known. The Steel Dragons MC will be nothing more than burning cinders when I’m through. With Diego and Malik by my side, there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. Rules are forgotten and lines obliterated, All is fair in love and war.

The Varga Soldier. A crowned Queen. My revenge on Jaeger is cut short by an unknown threat. A common enemy is now forcing us to work together, to play nice, When all I really want to do is string him up and force the truth out. The family image I’ve held so close is suddenly destroyed, And secrets buried deep are brought to the surface. The peace I long for is now further out of reach and my future is unsure. There will be no rest until everyone has paid for their sins. Luckily, I have my men to lean on, And I vow to never destroy their faith in me. Hell’s March and The Steel Dragons will have to come together under my rule, Pushing aside our hatred and forging a new brotherhood. Deceit fuels our rage, but redemption will set our souls ablaze.

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