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Hey, Phantom Hood! We’re The Phantom Chasers and we’re looking for our next adventure. There’s nothing too scary, or too haunted for the four of us. We’ve been to the most famous haunted houses in the state, And now we need your help. Where would you guys want us to take you next? We love to live stream our sleep overs, and share with you as much of the experience as we can. Send us your suggestions!! And remember, Nothing is off limits! Sincerely, Your Phantom Chasers. Many, Connor, Nick, and James

Hey, Phantom Hood! What a crazy ride Belgrove Asylum was right?! Well, after a much needed vodka break and some spanktastic pizza, we decided to put the requests to use again! You guys decided and now we are headed to one hell of a Silent Night! Stay tuned for our next investigation at the abandoned Silent Night Theme Park! Looks like there’s at least one place where Santa will never go. We’ll be seeing you! Sincerely, Your Phantom Chasers. Mary, Nick, Connor, and James

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