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All it took was one bad decision, A need to numb the pain that threatened to tear me apart. He was someone I trusted, And he made a decision that would forever ruin me. They used to be my best friends, But after that night, I never wanted to see them again. Now they hate me and will stop at nothing to watch me suffer. But what do they know about suffering? After what I’ve been through, Everything they throw at me is child’s play. One more year and I’ll be free of them, Never having to be reminded of that fateful night. A lot can happen in a year... ***Trigger Warning!***

What happens when your only source of warmth and light leaves you? The dismal shadows once kept at bay, begin to seep back in and coat everything the light once touched. All feeling becomes saturated in their inky grasp and escape becomes impossible. She left me here in the dark, alone and awaiting the impending destruction. Who do you turn to when you feel all is lost? His presence isn’t welcomed, and his anger scorches my insides, but at least he never leaves. Now that I’m truly alone, his claws sink deep and trying to flee would be futile. We are one, him and I. There’s nothing I can do but watch the storm clouds roll in. How do I warn them if the warning is me? I can’t control him once he has something in his sights, his determination knows no bounds, and his wrath is an addiction I know too well. There’s no stopping the lightning if you don’t hear the thunder.

I heard he was crazy, that his feelings were all dead. I heard the bad things he did was because of the monster in his head. He likes to deal out pain, reveling in his victims' screams. He likes breaking hearts, ripping them apart at the seams. Everything became better, because he went away. But none of that mattered, since a part of him stayed. Now he’s back, looking for what he left behind. They all whisper the same things, about his affliction of the mind. People say he’s broken, this man Brody Landry. But I think he’s beautiful, a perfect Prince for me

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