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The Reaper is hot on your tail, What have you done? You’ve made it onto her list, Who did you hurt? The hunt is just the beginning, How far can you run? Your soul is hers to reap, Where can you hide? Watch out for her scythe, Why do you cry? The life of a vigilante is meant to be a lonely one, Roaming darkened streets and collecting secrets. Until the four of them forced their way into mine, Stirring up feelings I didn’t know I had. But if they try to fuck with my plans, My pretty knife will be through their throats and my bloody scythe on their foreheads.

She fled in the dead of night, Where will she run? No stone left unturned, Who will feel my wrath? A few steps behind her every move, How many more will suffer? Her punishment will be severe, When will she be aware? With each swing of her scythe, Why does it make me writhe? When Selene left us in pursuit of her sister, She had no idea what she let loose. Now I hunt her day and night, Collecting her secrets in plain sight. She doesn’t have long until her time runs out, It’s her fault the four of us have feelings we can’t ignore. If she finds out we’ve fucked with her plans, We might just find ourselves dead with her scythe on our foreheads.

The Reaper is out for blood, How fast can you run? You’ve taken something that isn’t yours, When will you learn? There’s nowhere you can hide, What choice do you have? She can smell your fear, Who can help you now? You can’t avoid the scythe, Why do you even try? Family is who you make it and I’ve discovered blood means nothing, Not unless I’ve slipped my blade into flesh and drawn my scythe with it. Just when things were starting to look up and all the pieces of my fucked up life were coming together, I’m once again thrusted into a war and this time I’m taking no prisoners. This is it, the final showdown, My scythe is sharpened and my boys are by my side. We might just find ourselves dead but not before I’ve drawn my scythe on every one of our enemies’ foreheads.

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