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Ember Craven is a young girl raised by a single mother in a rough neighborhood in New York. To help make ends meet, she becomes entangled with a local gang, using her fists as the gang’s collector and her MMA training to participate in illegal fight rings, to pay the bills. When tragedy strikes, Ember’s world is turned upside down. She leaves behind the gang and fight cages for a life of wealth and luxury with her aunt and uncle in a small town in Canada. While grieving, Ember tries to change her life around and become a regular teenager in the sleepy town of Whitsborough. She experiences the ups and downs of being the new kid at school and makes friends that will last a lifetime. Only fate has other plans, and just when she thinks her life is perfect, the rug is pulled out from under her. Both worlds collide and Ember finds out that Whitsborough isn’t as pristine as it seems and her past is about to make an appearance in a devastating way. No secret stays buried forever, and Ember Craven is about to unearth one that will change her life forever.

As Ember descends deeper into the dark and depraved void inside her, she continues to grapple with the shock of finding out about siblings she never knew existed. While her mother struggled to raise her as a single parent, she also kept a lot of secrets. Along with her grief, Ember buries her feelings under a mask of indifference as she tries to move on, hoping the blood staining her hands one day fades. Killing her father was her final act of revenge for the murder of her best friend, Tommy, but the nightmares plague her. As they become more frequent, she begins to lust for another kill. So starts her journey into the world of becoming a hired hitman, a job she’s hoping will satiate the bloodlust and provide her with the chance to pretend life is normal to the people around her. Ember joins the Head Corp, a company her father owned, and begins to accept contracts to kill the scum of New York. With Vin by her side, they uncover a new enemy, one a little too close to home. Ember is facing more tragic losses as she spirals once again into family secrets. When the seedy underbelly of Whitsborough is uncovered, she vows, once and for all, to rid her town of the rot that consumes it.

Travis Greene has lived most of his life shrouded in fear and shadows. Fear of a father’s wrath, a mother’s disdain, and a coach’s attention. Love and intimacy came hand in hand with pain and disappointment, but he hid all of it deep inside the shadows of his damaged heart. Adrianna Hinton was the one bright light in his pitiful childhood, the sunshine to his cloudy days. She stood by him, endured his moods, until one terrible day when his life took a tragic turn. He pushed her away, felt like he didn’t deserve her love, and has been suffering the consequences ever since. Then Ember Craven forced her way into his life and heart, giving him the chance to have a real family, one that loves unconditionally. His heart began to heal, sealing up old wounds, and he found himself opening up to the idea of true love. But how do you choose between two people whose souls seem threaded together? Is it possible to have more than one soulmate? Emmett Torres and Adrianna Hinton are willing to give him the world, but each of them provides something different. When life throws Travis one last curveball, all of his newly formed bonds are tested. He hits rock bottom and sees no way to claw his way up from the pit he finds himself in. Just when he thinks he couldn’t sink any lower, he realizes… There’s always worse.

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I'm back in Whitsborough, A boring town where nothing ever happens. Two years of boarding school didn't reform me and now I'm trapped with a loving family. Forced to be a daughter and a big sister, This is my punishment. Being back here leaves me with no other choice but to face my demons. Like the sounds of her screams (I'm like a ticking time bomb), And the warmth of her blood (I'm on the cusp of exploding). Then there's him. He's filled with hatred and a burning need to hear my screams, feel my blood. He's looking for vengeance and only I can give it to him. I got out once and I can do it again. Even if the cost is more than I can pay.


Why am I so angry? Why does the need to make another bleed reside within me? Easy, genetics right? I’m nothing like my mother and my father is dead. Now what? Whitsborough is a town that’s shiny on the outside but rotting on the inside. Unearthing one secret here means digging through hundreds of others to reach it. Finding my father’s secret would change everything. My training is helping to keep my rage in check, But my mind is fixated on the one thing I can’t have. Catalina Delgado, Cartel Princesa. She’s a human weapon trained for mass destruction, And I’m designed to self-destruct. Where’s our safe place? Or are we destined to forever be alone?


People spend their lives searching for meaning and then dying a decrepit mundane. Some are a little more prominent than others but all are boring. My life was an endless reel of days, hours, and minutes. Life passed in slow motion and each day bled into the next. I wanted to stop being mundane but nothing called to me and Whitsborough has a way of sucking the extraordinary out of you. Now I’m handed a legacy and I feel like I’ve found my meaning. My life is no longer mundane and nothing is strictly black or white. It’s all vibrant splashes of red and Black Slaughter.


Everything about me is a sham. I’ve been living with my own lies for so long, I don’t even know who I am. This role I’ve been playing is becoming boring and the man I’m turning into feels like a stranger. With each deception I dole out, another five are needed to keep the truth hidden, and it’s all teetering on a weak foundation. My life is like a house of cards, and the wind blows pretty strong here in Whitsborough, constantly threatening to scatter my fragile façade. With the sudden appearance of someone from my family’s past, everything comes into focus, and I’m tempted to exhale the breath I’ve been holding in my chest. Just to watch those cards land where they may.


Ivy Greene is burdened by a venomous secret, one that could rip open the past and expose her true identity. After spending two years at a reformatory school in New York, Ivy finds herself back in Whitsborough and having to live a life she tried so desperately to bury. Now she has no other choice but to face her demons and the one person she’s been running from for two years. Carmelo Torres has felt lost his entire life. Raised by a single mother and never knowing his biological father has done its damage. There’s a rage that resides inside him and when he hits his boiling point, no one is safe from his malice. Now the chance to live a good life is just beyond Carmelo’s reach, but the secrets of his father and love’s complications could ruin it all. Saxon Greene’s life was like an endless reel of distorted days, hours, and minutes. Life was passing him by as if in slow motion, each day bleeding into the next. Then a legacy is dropped into his lap, a chance to be a prominent figure in Whitsborough, even if it’s from the shadows. His life is no longer mundane and nothing is strictly black and white. It’s vibrant splashes of red and Black Slaughter. Gabriel Greene is an expert at hiding his true self and masking his life with lies. Most of them he’s even grown to believe. A person from his family’s past comes into the picture and his deception is suddenly teetering on a weak foundation. The strong winds of Whitsborough are threatening to blow his secrets wide open, like a house of cards, and he’ll have to watch as those cards land where they may.

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