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Tempest Skeigh It’s addicting. The pull of a melodic beat as it teases your body into moving, The heat of your skin as it warms under the eyes filled with lustful intent, And the rush of your blood as you bare your soul. Dancing has always been my life, No matter if it’s on a pole or a stage. It was supposed to change my life and take me to better places. Instead, it threw me into his clutches and I can only hope to escape with minimal damage. Raiden James It’s addicting. The sounds vocal chords can make as they vibrate with song or scream, The tip of a sharpened blade as it sinks into flesh, And the gentle caress of blood as it coats your skin. Singing on stage has been my life, But the promises I made in exchange for fame are daunting. Now my vengeance is close at hand and my foes are lined up in a row. Then she drops in my lap and it takes everything in me not to slice her open, Just to coat my skin in her blood.


Tempest Skeigh The horrors I’ve seen and the torture I’ve survived has left me with a burning hatred. I can’t move on and it only grows with time. I have been planning my revenge by day and stripping my feelings away by night. No matter how hot the loathing burns, there’s still a part of me that wants Raiden James. I want him at my mercy while I carve into his flesh, claiming his blood as my own. Raiden James Her body and her screams are forever etched in my mind. The torture I inflicted and the horror I draped her in was only a prelude. I have been biding my time and waiting for the perfect moment to bring her home. No matter where we are in the world, my soul belongs to Tempest Skeigh. I want her at my mercy while my blade makes her blood sing once more.


Sky I’ve been hit with a Cupid’s arrow, and I can’t seem to break free of its hold. No, not a Cupid. More like a Demon’s curse. He has me trapped, drowning in the deep brown of his irises. I’m confined and bound by the devilish smirk that lines his sinful mouth. No matter how hard my mind tries to convince me to leave, My heart begs to stay exactly where I am, A prisoner to Hail O’Brien. Hail I wish I never laid eyes on her, the girl whose face brings me nightmares of another. She’s a sinful package wrapped in an angel’s bow and I’m the Demon ripping it open. I tried to turn my back, to let her go but I’m too weak. I’ll use the excuse of protecting her to stick around but one day soon, She’ll be nothing but a distant memory, a name on a tombstone, Sky Martin.


Torrent Locked away in a sterile building with nothing but the echoing thoughts in my head. The sounds of orderlies footsteps are so eerily similar to the ones that haunted my childhood. I tried to fix Deluge, to set us back on the path from which we started. But I fucking failed. My brother found his mate, Hail found his, and I’ve always had mine. Now, he has another. Do I let that go? Or do I storm through their Cheerful facade and claim Squall Andersson as my own? Squall I’ve never felt this way. Having my heart ripped in two and each half belonging to a different person. But at one time, the whole thing belonged to him. He’s always been the moon that stands bright in my starless sky, but Tiny is the sun, chasing away the night’s lingering darkness. I don’t see a happy ending where we’re all together, not when he’s so possessive. Do I bury half of my heart to keep her safe? Or do I stand still and let the crushing winds of Torrent James test our strengths?

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