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Hey, Phantom Hood!

We’re The Phantom Chasers and we’re looking for our next adventure.

There’s nothing too scary, or too haunted for the four of us.

We’ve been to the most famous haunted houses in the state, and now we need your help.

Where would you guys want us to take you next?

We love to live stream our sleep overs and share with you as much of the experience as we can. Send us your suggestions!! And remember,

Nothing is off limits! Sincerely,

Your Phantom Chasers.

Many, Connor, Nick, and James


Locked away in a sterile building with nothing but the echoing thoughts in my head. The sounds of orderlies footsteps are so eerily similar to the ones that haunted my childhood. I tried to fix Deluge, to set us back on the path from which we started. But I fucking failed. My brother found his mate, Hail found his, and I’ve always had mine. Now, he has another. Do I let that go? Or do I storm through their Cheerful facade and claim Squall Andersson as my own?


I’ve never felt this way. Having my heart ripped in two and each half belonging to a different person. But at one time, the whole thing belonged to him. He’s always been the moon that stands bright in my starless sky, but Tiny is the sun, chasing away the night’s lingering darkness. I don’t see a happy ending where we’re all together, not when he’s so possessive. Do I bury half of my heart to keep her safe? Or do I stand still and let the crushing winds of Torrent James test our strengths?

DS_kindle (1).jpg
DS_kindle (1).jpg
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I am seriously tempted to steal my husband's Harley and ride off in search of Malik for myself.

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