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The world died before I had a chance to take a breath. There’s a small number of survivors scattered around what was once Los Angeles. At least, that’s what I think this piece of land used to be called. I can only go by what I’ve been told, and the one person that guided me and kept me safe died seven years ago. With her last dying breath, she told me that I’m special. That I can fix this, and so I hunt. Scavenge for the scraps that haven’t been turned to poison, for the animals that can provide a meal for the ones I’m hiding in my home. But that’s a dangerous thing now. I’ve stumbled across a family that hunts more than just animals. Anything they see as a threat, they’ll take down. Find the cure or watch what’s left of humanity die. I have to take this burden on my shoulders because I promised her that I would. I just didn’t know how difficult things would get when I saw them.

Because he has something I want and I won’t stop until I take it from him.

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Hey, Phantom Hood!

We’re The Phantom Chasers and we’re looking for our next adventure.

There’s nothing too scary, or too haunted for the four of us.

We’ve been to the most famous haunted houses in the state, and now we need your help.

Where would you guys want us to take you next?

We love to live stream our sleep overs and share with you as much of the experience as we can. Send us your suggestions!! And remember,

Nothing is off limits! Sincerely,

Your Phantom Chasers.

Many, Connor, Nick, and James