I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing authors, and I can proudly call each one of them a close friend. Each experience has been unique, but each one will stay with me for a lifetime. If you haven't checked these authors out yet, I implore you to do so.

R.E. Bond

Rachael was my very first co-write.

We wrote The Reaper Incarnate for the Violent Tendencies Anthology and have been inseparable since. Yes, I know she's in Tasmania, but we're still inseparable. We continued writing the Reaped series and it was a hit! 

We're so proud of our psychos.

Currently we have written another Anthology piece called Blood Discipline, and working on our standalone due to release December 2022 called To the Grave.

Yolanda Olson

I truly believe Yolanda came into my life at the time I needed her most. I will forever be grateful for her guidance and her big heart. 

She's forever mi abuelita.

We decided to pair up in 2021 and write an epic Dystopian, taboo, just a complete mindf*ck of a book, and the title to that is Mimic, coming November 2022.

We also have a few anthology pieces coming up that we're so excited about. 

One day her and I are escaping to Brazil to lay in the sun and people watch, but like... not talk to anyone.

Story Brooks

Story Brooks (aka Cat) is my newest recruit LOL. She's been a friend for a while and when I approached her to write a messed up story, I was stoked when she agreed.

We have a Paranormal Ghost Novella dropping this Halloween called Bedlam's Playground.

It'll be the first in a series of Ghost novellas we have planned.

Keep an eye out for The Phantom Chasers!!