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I've had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing authors, and I can proudly call each one of them a close friend. Each experience has been unique, but each one will stay with me for a lifetime. If you haven't checked these authors out yet, I implore you to do so.


Rachael was my very first co-write.

We wrote The Reaper Incarnate for the Violent Tendencies Anthology and have been inseparable since. Yes, I know she's in Tasmania, but we're still inseparable. We continued writing the Reaped series and it was a hit! 

We're so proud of our psychos.

Currently we have written another Anthology piece called Blood Discipline, releasing this year.


I truly believe Yolanda came into my life at the time I needed her most. I will forever be grateful for her guidance and her big heart. 

She's forever mi abuelita.

We decided to pair up in 2021 and write an epic Dystopian, taboo, just a complete mindf*ck of a book, and the title to that is Mimic, coming November 2022.

We also have a few anthology pieces coming up that we're so excited about. 

One day her and I are escaping to Brazil to lay in the sun and people watch, but like... not talk to anyone.


Story Brooks (aka Cat) is my newest recruit LOL. She's been a friend for a while and when I approached her to write a messed up story, I was stoked when she agreed.

We have a Paranormal Ghost Novella dropping this Halloween called Bedlam's Playground.

It'll be the first in a series of Ghost novellas we have planned.

Keep an eye out for The Phantom Chasers!!

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